What is a Flowbin and why is ours quality.

New Feature: The Flow Bin for Inventory Management

To have the best possible opportunity in ecommerce and ecommerce fulfilment, you need to be very agile. Sometimes that means reacting to the market. If I sell tank tops and spring turns into fall, then I will need to adjust. I may add coats or long sleeve t-shirts into my marketing mix. On the fulfilment side, the warehouse needs to be agile too. It is somewhat counterintuitive, but most warehouse cost lies in warehouse organization. If you can find a way to optimize your warehouse, you will drastically reduce operational costs. In an effort to aid your ecommerce warehouse efficiency, we’ve created a flow bin feature for inventory management.

What is a Flow Bin?

In short, a flow bin is an easily accessible bin dedicated to a specific SKU. You keep a certain number of the SKU in your flow bin and store the rest elsewhere. When you use flow bins, you can fulfil with speed without cluttering your warehouse.

The Problem

Here is a common inventory management problem. Let’s say the fastest selling product in your warehouse is an American football. Maybe you ship 100 footballs a day. You or your client purchases a pallet of footballs a month. The problem is that you don’t have space for a pallet of footballs in your warehouse. Or maybe you do have space, but on the top shelf in your warehouse. However, you want to keep the footballs close to your packaging centre because this keeps labour costs low. This is a catch 22. The footballs should be close, but a pallet clogs your walkways. The answer is to use flow bins.

The Solution

Flow bins allow you to get the best of both worlds. You can store the pallet of footballs on the top shelf and keep a bin close to your packaging centre. The first step is choosing an easy-to-reach bin. This bin is tied to your Rugby balls SKU. This is your flow bin. No matter what, the only SKU in your flow bin is the football. So, your flow bin is close to your packaging centre and the pallet can be out of the way.

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