Commencement of our Business

From a humble beginning, Ekhurleni Drums & Containers was founded in 2008 after realising the importance and value of our Environment. We then promised to be more involved in the improvement of water or air pollution which adversely affects any life form, living conditions or situation of human value, when we started our Business.

Due to the nature of business and the new laws implemented, we saw it a challenge when we started the core of our business. We at Ekhurleni Drums & Containers pride ourselves through our excellent service, in meeting all quality requirements of all our Customers thereby keeping them satisfied at all times. We are very dependent on all or Customers, big or small, as they are the sole “lifehood” of our business. We are the first to admit, that we as a company remain in business solely because after a few years of learning and experiencing some curve balls, together with economic downturns and the odd stay away: cum strikes, we have managed to ‘weather the storms' and remain steadfast as a competitor in the drum and container reconditioning business. We acknowledge all our competitors in our business as we realize everyone creates a ‘niche' according to want of market share.

We are however very cautions as to who tries to acquire a similar type of business unaware of the consequences and dangerous implications that may result, if not acknowledgeable about the impact on the environment. When wrongly executed for monetary gains only, we will act ‘Watchdog' to prevent such company in doing so, by approaching the respective authorities and control bodies.

Mission Statement

Recognize and respond to community concerns about drum disposal and the operations of drum reconditioning facilities.

Supply drums and containers that are effective in safety containing all appropriate materials in transportation and storage.

Counsel drum users on the safe use, transportation, emptying, re-use and recycling of drums and containers.

Operate plants in a manner that protects the environment and the health & safety of all employees or public.

Work with all members of S.A.I.C.R.A. to resolve problems created by past drum reconditioning practices towards continuous improvement and development.

Participate with Government and all shareholders, creating plan of action in order to be responsible in upholding laws, regulations and standards to safeguard the Community, Workplace and Environment.

Promote the principle and practices of Responsible, Container Management by sharing experiences and offering, assistance to other companies, who are in the similar type of business.

Vision of Company

We as Ekhurleni Drums and Containers envisage an equal opportunity employment policy of race, gender, colour, creed or religion belief. We are in existence to create opportunities and employment, in order people are able to earn a sustainable income so as to, empower themselves and therefore lead better lives, through improvement and continuous growth.

We therefore stand firmly on the principle op: “Putting People First before Products. ” “We also adopt a culture of tolerance, empathy and understanding towards, previously disadvantaged, underprivileged, exploited or abused sector of people in our community.” We however also believe in the adage: “Your destiny is in your own hands' and we therefore encourage people, not to adopt an attitude of apathy when dealing with their work out-put, whilst executing their true potential.

We at Ekhurleni Drums and Containers will enhance and promote any potential we find within our grasp amongst our employees. We acknowledge ay employees performing exceptionally and, are duty rewarded accordingly, with incentives beyond their expectations.

We commit ourselves to marketing every concerted effort in upholding all values, principles and have to improve the Environment. We promise to maintain our standard of work ethic which should not bring or cause any harm to the Environment in terms of any source of pollution.